The Discovery of the John Griffith String Theory

I just finished reading a book called Convergence: The Idea at the Heart of Science by Peter Watson. It is a history of modern science since 1850, showing how the various scientific disciplines have been converging to influence one other and expound on the evolutionary development of life.  This fascinating book shows how discoveries in physics led to the discovery of the periodic table in chemistry; discoveries in biology (the gene) influenced the growth of politics in Russia and led to new understandings of human behavior in psychology. Watson shows how all the various disciplines in science are contributing to the one story of evolution of the universe and the evolution of human life on Earth.

In physics, the search for a unified theory of everything has been a main goal of research.  In physics research, particle theory led to the emergence of string theory.

“In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings.  It describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.”

Fortunately, reading this book and some recent personal experiences led to the discovery of my own String Theory:  “Any string, whether it is an electrical cord, garden hose or vacuum cleaner hose, wants to remain stationary and any attempt to move it will elicit a response whereby the string will wrap around, grab hold of, slip into any crevice, crack or opening, or just tangle itself up to impede forward movement”.  This new string theory developed from empirical observation of my own experience and continues to prove itself correct year and year.

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2 Responses to The Discovery of the John Griffith String Theory

  1. Keith Fewster says:

    Finally someone has come up with an easily understood explanation of string theory for people like me with my mind which is really not scientifically focused at all. Previously my exposure to string theory was the complicated efforts by Sheldon and his Big Bang Theory colleagues to discover and prove how string theory works in our universe. Thanks John for clarifying this all for me – this sort of likens the breadth and depth of your interests and study with our shared love of Willie Nelson and our ongoing and shared more challenging efforts to understand the mystery of spirituality in our universe. Thanks so much John – brightened my day!

  2. Donna Friesen says:

    Ha! Such a warm and quirky sense of humour! I’m glad there is a practical application to your curious soul!

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