I Have Been Feeling Blue

The election in Alberta has been on my mind for months.  I was away on a holiday for the last two weeks of the election campaigning.  I heard the polls and yet held on to hope that the NDP would be re-elected because they showed strong, positive leadership and vision for the Province of Alberta through 4 years of the worst economic climate and challenges (like the devastating fires of 2016 that burned part of Fort McMurray).  Yet all indications were that the United Conservative Party would win a majority.  This is what happened.  I am truly disappointed that the government that showed forward thinking could not reach the general public who were focused on their own immediate agendas.  It was only 4 years to save the world, I know.

Now the UPC has committed to tearing down much of the infrastructure that was created to provide a future for Alberta that would be “world class” in its vision.  My little joke to my conservative neighbours when we got back from holidays, the day after the election was: “I am really feeling blue today.”  It took them a moment to get it – the colour of the UPC party is blue.  It was just a joke, and it was true. I am deeply disappointed that now we have a “Trump-like premier” who rose to power in the UPC by using a third candidate as a foil to get himself elected as the head of the party. This and using third party funding organizations to get around donation rules reveal serious moral flaws. These are serious accusations that are backed by evidence according to major newspaper reports. These character flaws will drive our political process for the next 4 years.  I predict he will follow the leadership pattern of our neighbour to the south, being committed to destruction of all that has been created by the previous administration with no plan forward – just words and promises that everyone wants to believe.  This kind of faith, called “wishful thinking”, believes that someone is going to save us.  Someone will build a pipeline in a day, put us all back to work, pay all our bills and the poor and marginalized will be helped by big business.  I am truly afraid as the world votes in more short-term thinkers with narrow-minded, selfish goals, which to me is a withdrawal from faith.

Today I received a newsletter from Wayne Holst citing a blog post from Spirituality and Practice that drew me out of my blue mood and into the resurrection faith that will ultimately save us; a faith that is deep in my heart and a faith that is grounded in my belief in Christ.  Thank God for Easter.  Just in time, again.

This is a link to the Spirituality and Practice post: https://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/practices/naming-the-days/view/10963/easter-resurrection-as-a-spiritual-practice. If it seems too long as you are reading it go to the last two quotes at the end.

I remember a sermon I gave many years ago as I lived through lent wondering about the resurrection and what it means.  I was able to preach on the evidence I saw citing incidents in those 40 days where I saw people coming back from the dead: one incident was forgiveness that brought an elderly couple back together after a difficult year and the second, a man who got re-married after the death of his wife several years before.

Today I rise again, looking forward to celebrating Easter at services tomorrow and being committed to living the resurrection life in the year to come.  I believe that is faith – not giving up, living with love through challenging times.

Blessings for a special Easter miracle in your life and in the life of our world.


A link to Wayne Holst’s newsletter:  https://tinyurl.com/y4wuuovq

Wayne amazingly puts together a blog called the Colleagues List every week which gives a thought by him and a collection of critical thinking, news and reviews that show the vitality of the faith at work in our world today.


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4 Responses to I Have Been Feeling Blue

  1. Vince McGrath says:

    It is discouraging to see a world trend away from liberal democracy. Thanks for the call to hope.

  2. Lonnie says:

    Well expressed, John. We feel similarly.

  3. Liberty says:

    Beautiful, my friend. Truly inspired, to say the least. And in particular, I love your last paragraph. Thank you! x

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