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A Thought on Telling the Truth

My wife, Sylvia, and I usually sit and talk while we have our morning coffee.  Of course, we have been talking about the events of the last two days with the counting of the electoral college votes and the invasion … Continue reading

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Who Doesn’t Dream of This Year Being Different?

Trying to write a blog for the new year, my thoughts have been all over the place. We’ve just been through a pandemic Christmas – a Christmas with restrictions about how we can gather with other people. As I was … Continue reading

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Entering Advent With Hope

Every Advent I return to my ritual of asking the question, “What does Christmas mean to me this year?” Richard Rohr’s book, The Universal Christ, helped me put words to the celebration of the coming of Jesus.  In Rohr’s view, … Continue reading

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Poems and Prayers and Promises

I haven’t stopped thinking but I have not been able to share it lately.  Beginning with COVID and Black Lives Matter and the U.S. election I have been oppressed by negative thinking.  However, today I realize that I have been … Continue reading

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Synchronicity, Fantasy or the Spirit of God?

It seems like I am in a movie, or life really is stranger than fiction.  It is now October and I am back inside, mostly self-isolating, wondering who I am in the midst of a pandemic, U.S. election, Black Lives … Continue reading

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I Am Tired ….

Poem: I Am Tired, July 2020 I am tired of searching for meaning And reading about letting go I am tired of preaching the meaning Of proclaiming Yes and getting No I am tired of reaching for meaning In the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know How the Angel’s Woke Me Up This Morning Soon

Here I am again at 5:15 am, an hour later than I first woke up.  This has become a regular wake up call and I can’t get back to sleep.  What am I thinking?  Why can’t I stop thinking? These … Continue reading

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The Way to Emmaus and Back Again: Reflections on 41 Days After Easter:

I am wondering how you are as we move into the third month of self-isolating. Sylvia and I look out the windows of our sun room and say to each other, “It doesn’t look dangerous out there.”  And then we … Continue reading

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A Template of a Spiritual Journey

Using Lent as a time of contemplation has been a long tradition for me, in which I commit to a daily time of reflection and prayer. My current question is, “What does this season mean to me this year?” Usually … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking! Mostly About COVID-19

It seems I have become obsessed with numbers, movement, self-isolation, symptoms, etc. etc. Watching the pandemic spread around the world and now to Alberta with 70 cases in Calgary.  We have done well here in preparing for the arrival of … Continue reading

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A New Time and Place: Transformation

Lent has always been a special time for me because I use it to reflect on my time and place in this world and prepare for the experience of Easter.  When I was putting together a two-minute talk to advertise … Continue reading

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A Crisis Made In Canada: Here’s What I Was Thinking

We are experiencing an Indigenous blockade of our rail lines.  The Conservatives want to use force to open up the line and the Liberals are taking another path – negotiation.  What do the indigenous groups want?  Do they want Canada … Continue reading

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Awe and Wonder

I was preparing to write my first blog for the new year on “2020, the Year of Perfect Vision”. I have been saying this as we approached 2020 because it seems to me that faith gives us a different perspective … Continue reading

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The Christmas Story, Santa, Carols and the Ones I Love

Christmas messages have come to me again this year as I spent time reflecting on the story that has directed and supported my life for 76 years.  In my early years my parents introduced me to the Christmas story and … Continue reading

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The Great ADVENTure

The cycle of the Christian year begins again.  I like beginnings.  It is a sign of hope and new possibilities.  At the beginning of the Christmas season, Advent gives me the opportunity to explore the depths of the mystery at … Continue reading

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The Advent-ure of Life

This adventure began when I was invited to lead a contemplative service during Advent.  I said “yes” and was assigned the second week, which traditionally has the theme of Peace.  John 14:27 came first to my mind, “Peace I leave … Continue reading

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A Crack in Everything

Last Sunday at church hearing this reading got me thinking… ANTHEM    by Leonard Cohen The birds they sing At the break of day “Start again”, I heard them say Don’t dwell On what has passed away Or what is yet … Continue reading

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My Road to “No”

The City of Calgary began an exploration process in July 2016 to assess the risks and benefits of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics.  October 2017 began a dialogue process to flesh out the way forward in getting government partners and … Continue reading

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I’m Looking For Some Good News

I am an optimist.  I have always been interested in good news.  I used to subscribe to a magazine called Ode Magazine that turned into the Intelligent Optimist, then went out of print in 2013.  Good news does not appear … Continue reading

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Silence is Really Something

It is September and I am ready to get back to a spiritual routine.  Meditation and writing my blog are two parts of my discipline.  In August I was asked to provide leadership for two 7:00 am contemplative services at … Continue reading

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